Walleye Hooks | What Size Hook For Walleye?

Medium-sized fishing hooks, like sizes 2 and 3, are ideal for Walleye. They match the fish’s size and help secure a solid hookset when they strike.

Welcome back, fellow anglers! It is always a pleasure to have you here sharing my Walleye fishing adventures and insights. For me it is fascinating how something as seemingly simple as a fish hook can be a game changer in the world of fishing, and it is often an unsung hero in our tackle boxes. For walleye anglers, they mostly stuck into a question and that is “What Size Hook For Walleye”. It is unfortunate that the fish hook is often the last piece of the fishing puzzle to receive attention, despite being one of the most critical components.

What Size Hook For Walleye

The humble fish hook is a silent hero in the world of fishing often overshadowed by flashier gear and techniques. It is the connection between the angler and the fish, and its proper selection and use can make or break a fishing trip. 

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Understanding the art of choosing the perfect hook size, style, type for Walleye angling can make a world of difference in our pursuit of these elusive and prized fish. Let’s give the fish hook its due recognition  because it is not just about ease, it is a point of angling honor! and unveil the pivotal role that the right fish hook plays in our pursuit of Walleye fishing.

Selecting the right Hook for Walleye Fishing

There are two crucial aspects of fishing hooks that every angler should consider. First, selecting the right hook design is essential to complement your chosen presentation method. Since many techniques for catching Walleye involve using light action rods and thin lines, the hook’s compatibility with your setup is paramount.

Second is the importance of having an extremely sharp hook to ensure a solid and secure hookset when a fish bites. Premium grade hooks, while often more expensive, provide the sharpness necessary for this purpose, and they can make a significant difference in landing your catch.

Selecting the right Hook for Walleye Fishing

There are plethora of fish hook options available but the “must have” models can be narrowed down to just three critical hook designs. This simplifies the selection process and helps anglers make the right choice for their specific fishing needs.

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Additionally, for Walleye fishing for live bait, go with a wider gap hook. For artificial lures, use a narrower gap hook. If you are targeting larger fish, choose a heavier wire hook and for smaller fish, use a lighter wire hook. To prevent corrosion, consider using a coated hook. It helps keep your gear in good shape and ready for action.

Best Types Walleye Hooks

There are many different types of hooks available for walleye fishing, but the most popular ones are:

Octopus Hook

Octopus Hook

Among seasoned Walleye anglers octopus hooks are a popular choice in Walleye fishing specifically for presenting live baits including minnows, leeches, and nightcrawlers. They are also a good choice for rigging lures like spinners and crankbaits. 

Their distinctive round bend and turned-up eye serve practical purposes. The round bend allows for a secure hookset, and the turned-up eye not only makes them easy to tie but also helps prevent bait from slipping off, making octopus hooks a valuable choice for many anglers.

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For walleye anglers, size No. 2 octopus hooks are a top choice. These hooks are exceptionally sharp and perfect for live bait rigging, where precision matters due to light lines and slow boat movement. The sharpness ensures you hook and keep Walleye securely.

Treble Hooks

Treble Hooks

They are commonly used with artificial lures like crankbaits, spinners, and spoons, featuring three hooks connected to a single shank. While treble hooks are excellent at hooking and securely holding fish, anglers should be aware that they can be a bit more challenging to remove from the fish’s mouth compared to single hooks.

Most crankbaits you buy already have treble hooks. Some have great, sharp hooks for catching Walleye. But most come with hooks that are not very sharp, maybe a “5” on a scale from 1 to 10. Dull hooks can be sharpened, but they wear out quickly after a few sharpenings and need replacement.

Circle Hook

Circle Hook

Circle hooks are a smart choice for Walleye fishing because they minimize the risk of gut-hooking the fish, making them easier to release unharmed. They function differently from traditional hooks. When a fish bites a circle hook, it does not set immediately. Instead, the hook slides into the corner of the fish’s mouth as it swims forward. The angler then reels in the line, causing the hook to rotate and set securely.

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Circle hooks work best when used with live bait like minnows, leeches, and nightcrawlers. They can also be used with artificial lures, but their effectiveness in hooking fish is slightly lower in that context.

What is the Best size Hook for Walleye? | What Size Hook For Walleye

The best hook size for catching Walleye depends on fish size, bait or lure, and fishing conditions. As a general guideline, size 2-6 hooks work well for most Walleye fishing.

Here are hook size recommendations for specific techniques:

  • Live bait rigs: Size 2-6
  • Spinners: Size 2-6
  • Crankbaits: Size 4-8
  • Jerkbaits: Size 4-8
  • Spoons: Size 4-8

If you are after bigger Walleye or fishing in deep waters, consider using larger hooks. For smaller Walleye or shallower waters, go for smaller hooks.

What is the Best size Hook for Walleye

It is also important to use a hook that is sharp and durable. Sharp hooks will penetrate the fish’s mouth more easily, and durable hooks will withstand the rigors of fishing.

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Walleye Hook size Chart

Here is a walleye hook size chart for octopus, circle, and treble hooks:

Bait or LureOctopus hookCircle hookTreble hook
Live minnows (1-2 inches)646
Live minnows (3-4 inches)424

My Final Thoughts

Choosing the right hook is vital for successful Walleye fishing. Whether you go for octopus, treble, or circle hooks, understanding their applications and sizes is key. Remember that hook size depends on factors like fish size, bait, and conditions. Sharp and durable hooks are essential. We hope you found our Walleye Hooks “What Size Hook for Walleye? guide enjoyable and valuable for your future fishing adventures.

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